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Join Streetbeat to slash your tuition costs by up to 25% at over 450 universities. Enroll in our Tuition Rewards program and earn points.
1 point = $1 off your tuition bill.
Invest in your future and make college dreams a reality without breaking the bank.

With Streetbeat Tuition Rewards Program, we want to make private college education more affordable

How can I earn the points?

About the points

1 Tuition Rewards Point = $1 toward tuition at a participating college/university

Tuition Rewards can be redeemed by account holders for their children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, stepchildren and godchildren

There’s no limit on Tuition Rewards you can earn

Tuition Rewards NEVER expire

Students must register prior to August 31st of the year that the student begins 12th grade

What people say about the program

The Tuition Rewards my son earned allowed him to attend the school of his choice

Beth-Anne H.

I am very thankful for the doors the Tuition Rewards opened for me

Denali S.

I could not believe that this program was available to me

Christal G.

 The program really came through for our family. We didn't think we could afford our niece's college.

Lane C.

I was blessed with the opportunity to attend a private university due to the program.

Hughes B.

All three of my children are in High School and in the program!

Mark T.

Non-paid testimonials provided by SAGE Scholars in the Tuition Rewards Program.


How it works

Watch our demo video and learn the basics and how to get started with the Streetbeat app

Streetbeat is your AI-powered financial advisor that delivers personalized investment portfolios, automated trading strategies, market analysis and more.




Set up your account


Design your own portfolio


Pick a curated portfolio


Enroll in the Tuition Program


Connect your existing brokerage account or create a new trading account directly with Streetbeat.

Describe what you want to invest in and let our AI-powered financial advisor create a portfolio that meets your unique goals.

Choose one of our pre-built portfolios, designed to target particular investment goals and interests.

Subscribe, refer a friend, or simply invest with us. Every action you take on Streetbeat now makes you earn points.

Your financial life has a lot of moving parts

What if you could tackle two of them – investing and paying for college – with one smart move?

Thanks to Streetbeat’s new exclusive program, you can reduce tuition costs at over 450 private U.S. colleges and universities, simply by subscribing to Streetbeat for your investing needs.

Participants in the Streetbeat Tuition Rewards program can save up to 25% on tuition at participating schools. Each Tuition Rewards Point is worth $1 of tuition credit and don't worry, they never expire.

Invest with Streetbeat and get up to 1 year of college out of 4 paid by us!

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228 Hamilton Avenue 3d Floor Palo Alto, 94301 California, CA United States of America

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Copyright © 2023. All rights reserved

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