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Your AI-powered financial advisor for the stock market

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Your AI-powered financial advisor for the stock market

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Portfolio Newsletter Generation


Our client faced the challenge of creating personalized newsletters for their clients' investment portfolios, which was time-consuming and prone to inconsistencies.


By integrating our AI-powered financial assistant, via our RESTful API, they automated the newsletter creation process.

The AI assistant analyzes each client's portfolio, retrieves relevant news and market data, generates a tailored summary, and incorporates contextual macroeconomic data. This has resulted in:

  1. Reduction in time spent creating newsletters
  2. Personalized content for clients
  3. Increased client engagement and understanding of their portfolios
  4. Scalability to accommodate a growing client base

With our AI-powered financial API, our client has streamlined their portfolio newsletter process, saving time, ensuring consistency, and enhancing client engagement, all while focusing on growth.

Wealth management platform


Our client, a wealth management platform for independent financial advisors, recognized the need to optimize their advisors' time and improve client support. 


By integrating our AI-powered financial API they enabled advisors to focus on high-value tasks while providing timely and accurate responses to client inquiries.

We contributed in three ways

  1. The AI API automatically addresses common client questions, such as explaining daily portfolio performance, freeing up advisors to concentrate on more complex and unique client needs
  2. The AI serves as a research aid, quickly gathering and synthesizing relevant financial data, allowing advisors to make informed decisions efficiently
  3. Our API integration enables 24/7 portfolio monitoring, identifying clients who may require attention due to exposure to current events, such as interest rate changes or legal developments. This allows advisors to provide proactive guidance and mitigate potential risks.

The integration has led to increased advisor productivity, enhanced research capabilities, proactive client support, and improved client satisfaction.

By integrating our AI-powered financial API across multiple areas, our client has freed up their financial advisors' time to focus on customer acquisition, increasing Assets Under Management (AUM), and improving the performance for existing clients.

A technology that feeds on data

Streetbeat API empowers you to access a wide range of financial data sources, including analyst ratings, company fundamentals, historical price data, and much more, all in one place.

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228 Hamilton Avenue 3d Floor Palo Alto, 94301 California, CA United States of America

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